Attend an OmGym® Suspension Yoga Class or Workshop

An OmGym® Suspension Yoga Class or Workshop...

The first step to learn how the OmGym® Programs help you live a healthier lifestyle with a fitter body. These classes & workshops are designed to maximize the personal benefits you will receive while using the OmGym® Suspension System.

Whether your interest is Suspension Yoga, Suspension Fitness or Suspension Therapy, you will be able to:

  • Explore a variety of cutting-edge fitness and wellness techniques
  • Adjust the OmGym® Suspension System to your ideal comfort settings
  • Customize movements for your body type
  • Strategize self assists and exercise progression
  • Set up at home, in class, or outside

All are welcome to attend. OmGym® Affiliates can gain financial perks by attending an OmGym® Class or Workshop. 

Completion of a Class or Workshop is also one of the first requirements for all OmGym® Suspension Yoga Teacher-Applicants.

Please visit our online Event Schedule!

Please let us know WHERE you want OmGym International to schedule a Class or Workshop!

Looking for a Class or Workshop Near You

Please complete a class/workshop request.  You help us by suggesting a possible host facility/studio in your area or simply by letting us know your interest level and your location. Thank you! 

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