Frequently Asked Question For Affiliate Network & Referral Program

How do I feature your products in my catalog or on my website?
OmGym has a standard program for all resellers that offers access to images along with standard wholesale and/or dropship pricing. All resellers must comply with OmGym Standards in order to maintain their account. Prices are standardized, depending on order quantity. Apply Now
How do I resell your products at my location?
OmGym offers wholesale purchasing, and dropship plans for authorized resellers. Businesses must be in good standing with the BBB, as well as have a tax ID and business license to apply. Preference is given to businesses catering to the health, wellness, green, and fitness industries. Apply now.
I love your products! Can I get anything for referring them to others?
OmGym offers a generous affiliate program that rewards businesses for driving traffic to our site. Whenever a click from your site results in a sale on ours, we give you 15% of that sale in cash back or 25% towards store credit!. Payments are made when the amount earned reaches $50. It's easy and rewarding for us and our affiliates in this win-win relationship. Additional revenue can be made after taking the OmGym Basics Course. Get started today!