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Adjustment Strap - Jewel-Toned

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These colorful adjustment straps are a vibrant addition to the OmGym Suspension System. Each OmGym Suspension System comes with two black straps, however extra straps are recommended when:

  • The anchor point of suspension is higher than nine feet
  • A thick tree limb (or other large anchor) is being used, causing the available area of the adjustment straps to be extremely short
  • Replacement of straps every 6-12 months, as a safety precaution
  • Replacement any time wear/tear on the adjustment straps is noticed
  • Whenever you’d like to add some color to your OmGym Suspension System

  • Made of durable nylon. Length: 115 cm

    Available for purchase in Sets of 2 only

    Colors Available: Silver

    Note: The Jewel-Toned Adjustment Straps are different in design from the black straps. Class instruction will not be affected with proper cueing, however. Pairing a Jewel-Toned Adjustment Strap with a Black Adjustment Strap in one unit is not recommended, however these straps can be used in addition to two black straps (to elongate the area of adjustment).

    Adjustment Strap - Jewel-Toned


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