Frequently Asked Question For Training

Are there contraindications to using the OmGym Suspension System?

If you have been diagnosed with or are experiencing the symptoms of any of the following conditions, do not invert without your doctor's approval:

  • Recent surgery or trauma to any internal organs
  • Broken or fractured bones in the hip/torso area
  • Ear, eye, sinus or infections in the head
  • Recent head/brain injury or trauma
  • Heart and/or circulatory disorders
  • Severe spinal cord trauma 
  • Cancer (some types)
  • Fused vertebrae
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Hernia

Additionally, different exercises and/or yoga postures may require different levels of strength, range of motion, etc. Consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. The user assumes all risk and liability.

Can children use the OmGym Suspension System?

Yes, children can use it and love it! The OmGym Suspension System greatly enhances healthy development of balance, coordination, sensory integration and neurological function. It’s also good for spinal decompression and alignment at the most critical times of a child's development.

Can I use this equipment if I’ve never done yoga or been to a gym before?

Yes! There is a huge variety of beginning movements on the OmGym Suspension System that are very easy to do and take no experience at all.

Can the OmGym Suspension System be used as a swing?

The OmGym Suspension System was not designed to be used as a swing and this form of use is not covered under warranty. A gentle sway from suggested exercises is normal, but momentum should not be intentionally intensified.

Can the OmGym Suspension System be used during pregnancy?

It is extremely important to keep the spine and hips healthy during this special time. The OmGym Suspension System can help provide many safe and effective pelvic stretches that are especially helpful for this during pregnancy. While comfortable inversion is often highly recommended by professionals during pregnancy, every pregnancy is different and we cannot provide any medical advice. Consult with your doctor/healthcare professional for expert advice on your pregnancy.

How do I learn to use this at home?
Each OmGym Suspension System comes with an instructional wall poster to help you get started. Additionally, videos can be found at and Youtube. You can also sign up for an OmGym Course
How does the OmGym Suspension System compare to the inversion table?
OmGym Suspension System The Inversion Table
Comfort YES

wraps around your hips and thighs


holds you at your ankles

Portability YES

only 3 pounds, folds into its own mini backpack for outdoor use


a large and heavy unit

Attractiveness YES

comes in a huge variety of colors in beautiful silky-feeling recycled nylon parachute materia

Space Conservation

remove from eye bolts/ support beam in 30 seconds or less when not in use

Eco-Factor YES

100% recycled fabric


Huge quantities of non-recycled material assembled and shipped

Use for Core Training YES

great exercises to get you toned and chiseled


only while inverted

Use for Strength Training YES

full-body strengthening and conditioning

Use for Yoga YES

great assistance to assist and advance through classic yoga postures

Use for Aerial Dance YES

express artistic and acrobatic movement for trapeze training and more

Use as a hammock

place the hooks of the sling about 6 feet apart

Health investment $199.00

Buy Now!

How much space do I need to use the OmGym Suspension System?

The ideal area recommended for use with each OmGym should be 8ft (2.44 m) for the front and back by 6ft (1.83 m) wide or side to side. If you have a very small room, an area of 6ftx4ft may be used as well, but this is not ideal.

Is the OmGym Suspension System similar to using silks?

While the OmGym Suspension System is often similar in application, it does have cushioned handles that silks do not, making it more user friendly and easier to learn. The OmGym Suspension System helps develop strength that is needed to learn silks, making it a choice alternative or introductory tool.